Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

One of our four core values is ‘build good’. We like it a lot: it’s simple, impactful, and malleable. Ultimately, more than any of our other values, it reflects our vision for impact on the industry.

Interpreting ‘build good’

During our values workshop - it was important to us that our values weren’t just tombola-drawn platitudes - one piece of feedback for ‘build good’ was, “Hey, that’s incorrect, it should be ‘build well.” And it’s this distinction, this slight linguistic jarring, that best exemplifies the intention of ‘build good’: it’s not a caveman grunt, it’s purposeful, good is the product.

There’s some good in this world, Mr Frodo.

Do good. Be good. Build good. It’s not about building well (that’s covered in one of our other values), it’s about what we build. It’s about our broader decisions as a company, it’s about our goals and intentions. We’re building good stuff, we’re building good relationships, we’re building good experiences. We want to increase the amount of good in the industry. We want to build good.

So much so, in fact, that Fluro’s vision statement is to drive permanent positive change (in the credit industry).

Applying build good

As touched on above, build good is a slightly nebulous value that reaches every aspect of Fluro - from our hiring process to our product to our vision. It’s a useful tool for buy-in, decision-making, creativity, and autonomy.

Build good is baked into our roadmap and reflected in our vision, but broadly the Fluro team has the freedom to work in their own ways and bring to life those goals with creativity and autonomy. Build good is a backbone for progress. It contextualises forward momentum within an autonomous structure. If we’re building good, individually and collectively, we’re heading in the right direction.

As a business

It would be disingenuous to have ‘build good’ as one of our four core values and consider it only for our product. Businesses have a huge potential for impact beyond the reach of just their consumers. Impact on sector, community, and environment. This impact, of course, scales with growth and allows for the opportunity to create permanent positive change.

Consider the potential goodness a company like Amazon could have on global standard-setting: cutting down on emissions, creating better conditions for workers, charity involvement, etc. The visibility and public interest in such a behemoth conglomerate gives Amazon unprecedented power in creating not just best business practices but cultural norms.

We might not be Amazon, we’re probably more Epping Forest, so our impact isn’t quite global but we’re fortunate enough to be growing considerably and we want to make sure we grow with grace and goodness. This goal, of growing good, is reflected in our Building for good initiative.

Building for good initiative

The first step for us, in building good as a business, is becoming a B Corp (an internal project we call the 'Building for good initiative'). As of now (Jan 2023), we are deep into the process, we’ve made a lot of changes and considerations in terms of our environmental and community impact, and we’re really confident that we’ll make it official this year.

But it doesn’t stop there. The label of B Corp and proactively ensuring we are building good in harmony with our growth and resources is an evergreen consideration. This isn’t a project with an end, it’s a core facet of our belief as a business.

We’re Fluro. We build good.

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