At Fluro, we have four core brand values which permeate everything we do, from the way we work to our product to our growth as a business. One of our most adaptable and personal values, however, is own your impact.

Own your impact

All of our values have one thing in common: resistance to passivity. Own your impact takes our drive to mobilise change within product and industry, as encompassed by our other values, experiment wildly, settle at brilliant, and build good, and filters it through an individual lens. It’s a harmonious cultural staple that creates a balance in what we do and how we do it.

Own your impact, for us, doesn’t skew towards impact, it’s the quality of the impact that's important. Own your impact champions thoughtful engagement in output, communication, and collaboration.


To some, ‘own your impact’ might seem like a simple value, to others it might as well be ambiguous and impenetrable Joycean prose. But from either perspective, we think it’s actually both more nuanced and easily applicable than it might seem at first glance. It’s this flexibility, paired with the individual empowerment and autonomy the value promotes, that has made own your impact a team favourite.

In fact, there are probably far too many applications of own your impact to outline them all here, but we can hopefully do a pretty good job of illustrating the potential with a few examples.

Own your impact physically (metaphorically)

Own your impact is an encouragement to take up space for those who might need it. It’s a validation of worth and an invitation to share your voice. It’s not a requirement, and there are many ways to own your impact, but for those who might want to speak up but need a little confidence boost, own your impact helps create a comfortable and encouraging environment.

Own your impact collaboratively

Own your impact might look like someone from one team identifying an opportunity for their insight and skillset to support a project elsewhere in the business (in a seamless, non-obtrusive way…).

Own your impact critically

By this, we don’t mean HAVE BOLD IMPACT, CHANGE THE WORLD. We mean taking ownership of your impact and to think critically about the quality of your impact. For example, the impact of supporting someone else’s (better) idea over your own is far more valuable than blindly championing your own idea just because it was yours. There’s a huge positive impact in supporting other people!

Then there are all the general, easy-to-list things: proactively approach work and collaboration, seek opportunities, create visibility on your role and skills, be helpful and work with flexibility, drive, and empathy.

Own your impact by being a multifaceted real person working with other brilliant and creative real people.

Own your impact is the opposite of ‘butts in seats’ culture. It’s not about being at your desk for a certain amount of hours, it’s about the richness of your engagement and the value you add.