We recently went through a transformative evolution from Lending Works to Fluro. On the outside, or to anyone who might naturally be familiar with us only through snapshots in time, this might look like a superficial rebrand. And, as much as any rebrand is both somewhat superficial and somewhat calculated, ours was more than spinning the Pantone wheel and a weekend course in WebGL. Over the past 18 months, we’ve gone through every aspect of the business with a fine-toothed comb, reworking, rebuilding, and rewriting.

In order to thoroughly revitalise Lending Works in a consistent manner, we first had to create the lens through which we reviewed existing structures, designs, and processes: we had to define Fluro’s mission and vision.

What are mission and vision?

For anyone unfamiliar, a company’s mission describes its purpose. The mission is very much a literal summary of the best-case scenario product solution. To compliment, the vision is the impact of the mission.

Put simply, we are going to make this (mission) and this is what will happen (vision).

We’ve had the same goal since inception. We’ve always wanted to bring an ethical, customer-focussed, tech-enabled philosophy to the credit industry. That’s a day-zero truth. However, the manifestation of this goal has evolved over the decade we’ve been in business, and it’s been quite the decade.

In 2012, our product offering was a lot more fragmented. We were exploring an emerging part of the credit industry that captivated us. However, over the past two years, we’ve crystallised our focus on embedded lending. Not only does this allow us to redouble our efforts to create a fully customer-focussed experience for our loan products, it also allows us to streamline our brand in alignment with our mission.

Our mission

To build game-changing embedded lending technology that maximises access to fair credit.

It’s wonderfully validating to ratify something like the above. The above is not only our mission but the proudest achievement in our story so far. The spark of Lending Works, and now Fluro, has always been our drive towards maximising access to fair credit. We’ve made huge strides in this direction already and to formalise this trajectory as our core focus, our mission, really affirms that making a difference is not at odds with success. It’s a big green light saying hey, you can do this. You can make a difference.

So we doubled down.

Our vision

To drive permanent positive change within the credit industry.

This is what it’s all about.

Our mission is us doing good for our customers. Our vision is, in very rudimentary terms, us doing good for everyone’s customers.

Our vision is to create new standards in the industry so that even if a potential customer goes to a competitor they receive a better experience because of our impact. There’s no three-step program on how to achieve this, but we’ve already seen a knock-on effect from pioneering real rates, a consumer-first alternative to representative APR. So, whether it’s tech-forward and customer-focussed advances that others adopt to remain competitive in the market or lobbying for better industry standards, we will be a catalyst for positive change within the credit industry.

We think that’s pretty cool.