Today, Fluro says, 'Hello World!'

Lending Works, the ambitious FinTech start-up Matt and I have thrown everything we had at for the past decade, has evolved into an agile, innovative, embedded lending business. This business, which we’re so proud of today, is a natural progression and refinement of the enthusiasm and hard work that went into the last ten years. This is a business that has earned its evolution by putting customers at the heart of everything we do. This is a business that has flourished and grown into what it is now: into Fluro.

Fluro is here to continue this strong track record of advocating for positive, people-focused change in the industry, and to push it far beyond what we could have dreamed of when we first opened the doors to Lending Works, almost a decade ago.

We are on a mission

Before celebrating the changes brought about with our evolution, I think it’s important to celebrate the constants. The familiar beating heart of Lending Works is the same one that drives Fluro today; Matt and I wanted to translate the profound impact technology was having on other industries to financial services - an incumbent-laden, curmudgeonly, and historically unwelcoming industry.

Specifically, alongside the improvements that technology could facilitate for internal processes, we saw a huge opportunity in employing technological advances to better focus on customer experience. Back then, things like speed, access, and simplicity were scarce considerations among legacy providers, leading us to question why there seemed to be invisible barriers to entry for financial products and whether we could do things differently.

Put simply, it wasn’t fair.

Today, we’re on a mission to build game-changing embedded lending technology that maximises access to fair credit.

And we’re making great progress: our real rates technology, which we first launched in January 2016, is now used by about 10% of all working-age people in the UK every year and we say yes to another customer every 30 seconds; our white-labelled products are now available for over 15m of our existing partners’ customers; and we’re completely humbled that our net promoter score, a measure of customer advocacy, ranks Fluro as “world class” and puts us in the company of tech firms like Apple, rather than traditional financial services.

We also have an amazing team who are as passionate about our vision and values as I am. Every team at Fluro is collaboratively looking for opportunities to support, champion, and innovate for our customers and partners, through every step of their journey

We’re just getting started

While we are proud of what we’ve achieved so far, this is just the start, and we’re extremely excited about what’s to come in our continuous drive for permanent positive change within the credit industry.

To realise this vision. we’re continually making incremental improvements to products, but we’re also reimagining the boundaries we operate in. We believe in a world where financial products function seamlessly wherever and whenever you need them, a world where financial products operate as enabling tools paired with cutting-edge technology to provide fluid accessibility and management. You shouldn’t have to waste hours or even days on working out how to fund your dreams: that should be instant, and immediately available to you.

Today, Fluro provides faster and fairer finance.

Tomorrow, we push the limits of how finance serves people. And we cannot wait to get started.