Announcing our Bud partnership!

We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with Bud!

Bud Financial is an AI-based data intelligence platform. That sounds fancy (and it is) but, at the heart of it all, Bud is essentially our Open Banking solution.

Bud, and Open Banking, will allow us to make fast and precise lending decisions based on real-time data. This means we can better serve consumers with a deeper insight of their current financial position and ensure we can more accurately, safely, and responsibly lend to their individual needs.

To enable Open Banking, users simply connect their bank account to Bud during our application process. This is a quick, smooth, and more precise alternative to consumers having to locate, scan, and upload bank statements (and other documents).

Using bank-grade security, and with the user’s permission, Open Banking allows Bud to see data like bank statements without needing a physical copy OR having access to your login details. Bud can’t touch your money or impact your account in any way, Bud simply confirms the data you have already provided during the application process.

On our side, Bud allows for a fluid AI-driven approach to lending decisions. It means we have up-to-date data and provides an extra barrier against instances of fraud, something we’re always trying to protect against, for both us and, importantly, the consumer.

Bud and Open Banking are part of our constant drive to ensure the best possible service for our customers, from instant, personalised rates to a smooth and secure application process to safe and responsible lending decisions.